About Us

Nathan & Lynsey

Granite Belt Cleaning and Hospitality Supplies in Stanthorpe was opened in June 2010 by Nathan and Lynsey Colyer. Since opening the business, it has thrived due to the growing and supportive community, as well as providing excellent service in hospitality, packaging, cleaning and all things in between.

Lynsey and Nathan are exceptional in their expertise and are enthusiastic about their team providing the best service for Stanthorpe and the surrounding region. The Shop has expanded over the years to hold not only hospitality goods, packaging and cleaning supplies but also home brew equipment, cake making supplies, and specialist kitchen goods.

We are blessed to have a wonderful community supporting our business with customers sharing their experiences through word of mouth and showing their passion by supporting local businesses.

Here at Granite Belt Cleaning and Hospitality Supplies we endeavor to help you and your business thrive: to enable you to shine! 

Meet our team

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