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Product of the Month: Numatic Vacuums

Made in the UK, the NUMATIC ECO range of vacuum cleaners don't just look cute but do their job exceptionally! They can be used both bagged and bag-less, making them adaptable for multi-use cleaning and when bagged have a very high containment of residue making them perfect for allergy and asthmatic sufferers. Having half the energy usage of any other comparable commercial vacuums at only 620 Watts they are much more economical to run, and have an A Class energy rating which is the best class you can get! These Vacuums are used internationally, and in Europe there is a saying "10 Million Henry's can't be wrong!" As these smart little vacuums run for over 2000 hours, if you were using it for 30 hrs a week it would still run for over 5 years! Some other cool features are its' 10 metre power cable with rewind system, Easy bag and filter changing, compact and easy docking storage.

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